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Yes! Tomorrow night TVD returns, and I’m not sure I can wait until Saturday to read Jules’ and Thomas Galvin’s blogs. PLUS we get a special sneak preview of spin-off The Originals. But wait, you may be thinking, didn’t we kinda have a backdoor pilot last season? Yes, yes we did, and according to this week’s EW, many of the scenes we’ll see tomorrow night will be lifted straight out of that episode. But we’re promised a doozy of an ending that will be sure to tide us over ( and have us chomping at the bit?) until the time-slot premiere Tuesday.


Called it. Jer’s a supe, so the ring won’t work.

Damon’s right; Kiki’s long gone by now.

Clair Holt does that put upon exasperation so well.

IDK if Bon-bon will be able to bring back Jer or not. I’m writing this as we go. But I was spoiled by TWOP, so I rather suspect not.

I want Caro’s boots! Hey, if you’re a code monkey that wants to help me develop an app, contact me.

See? When vamps concentrate, they can even hear over running tap water. Especially if you continue to speak at a normal volume. Speaking of which, is it still laced with vervain? ‘Cause how are they making that tea?

Decomposing? Can’t she smell it? I’m beginning to think those zombie rumors might be true . . .

Looks like the tattoo being gone doesn’t stop the uncontrollable urge to kill vampires. Kat, you might be right about Silas.

Matty can get through to Elena, I hope.

I can see Damon logic, but I’d say it’s more like he doesn’t dislike Bonnie any more than he likes her.

Everyone? Does that include Jenna, Alaric, Daddy Uncle John, Lexie, Kol and Finn, et al?

Shane has seriously got Bonnie hypnotized, or compelled, or whatever.

Qetsiyah created the Other Side where Anna and Pearl and Vickie and all those others were hanging out? I LOVE this show!

I wish I had Ms. Dobrev’s acting chops. I love her so much right now. Admire just doesn’t seem a strong enough word.

So, she’s flipped the switch. Now what?

Caro, if he ditched his phone, he’s not going to get any of your messages.

Bonnie’s going to do the ritual anyway, you know.

If no-one knows what Silas looks like, why do I suddenly think he’s possessed Shane? Aaand . . . right again!

Oh, and props to Zach Roerig, too. Snotty crying on cue is probably even harder for a guy.

I’m glad Damon and Stefan always seem to find their way back to their brotherhood.

I think that was the switch talking.

And TVD has done it again. That could be a season finale right there. But it’s not. See you next week!

Nina Lisa

Now go read Thomas Galvin

and Julie

*I was going to use the phrase glory hole in this title, and then I discovered that no-one knows it’s a mining term anymore. Instead, it’s become associated with why you should never use public restrooms in remote places. Besides, a mining glory hole is open to the surface, and this one isn’t. On with the show.

I’d thought Elena was beginning to be OK with being a vamp, but her VO about there being “hope” indicates not.

I’m waiting for Vaughn to tell Damon, “This is my island!” And I think I know why his tat suddenly completed.

Ha, the phones do work. Oh, great, they need Klaus again. Hey, Elena just got meta!

I wonder if Vaughn’s the one who saved Jeremy?

I have to agree with Cindy again. How the bloody hell did they ever get the idea that there’d be enough cure to save anyone who wanted it?

Bonnie’s bleeding. I bet she sees Grams. I also bet Beks doesn’t tell the others there’s only one dose. Ah, good, she did. Ruh, roh.

Vaughn’s tattoo is disappearing, too. No surprise here.

OK, I don’t usually comment on the commercials, but there are two this show I have to. First, the Acura TL commercial where they say not to ask your neighbor, because he’s a re-enactor. As my friend pointed out, “I’m a re-enactor, too. I want to know if it’s got room for all my stuff!”

Sorry, Atticus, you lose. Yeah, Elena, put on your big girl panties.

OK, so, the vamps, when they concentrate, can hear conversations from several feet away. They can hear both sides of a cell phone convo (not that that’s a big deal, if the person on the other end is talking loud enough, so can I). I think when they were running around in the woods a season or so ago looking for Stefan, he could hear them sneaking up on him. As much as I hate to agree with Cindy, why didn’t the vampires hear Jeremy being attacked and dragged off? And why, if Stefan felt he had to turn on his motorcycle when Klaus was in the dungeon with Damon so that he wouldn’t overhear Elena’s plan, do Tyler and Caroline think just stepping out on the porch is going to hide their conversation from him?

I’m pretty sure they showed Bonnie’s blood dripping straight down on Silas, so why are they having to walk so far?

Wait, Grams wants Silas free just like all the other spirits? Hmm . . . yep, thought so. Though Jeremy being able to see dead people also seems to come and go at the writer’s convenience.

Vamp Caroline is FABULOUS!

Always a catch with Klaus.

knew Damon was lying about wanting Elena to take the cure.

Oh, now there’s an echo. Because Bonnie wasn’t really that quiet when she assured Jeremy that she’d kill Silas herself if she had to. Of course, Elena *is* yelling, I guess.

2nd commercial: The Old Navy commercial with Julie Hagerty. She looks like she hasn’t aged a bit since her Airplane! days.

Nice that Tyler knows when to lie. I wonder if that’s why Phoebe Tonkin is in the spin-off, it’ll be all Klaus chasing the werewolves, and Tyler specifically?

Did Vaughn just stake Bon-bon?!?! That’ll make a lot of fans happy.

Hello, Katherine! Good-bye, Jeremy!

Most of the other recappers find they can’t get worked up over Jer’s probable death because we’re used to him coming back, although the previews certainly want us to think it’s a done deal. Thomas Galvin mentioned that he paid close attention to Jeremy’s hands on a rewatch and saw the ring; I can see it when Elena grabs him in one of the previews. But later on, she’s wanting them to get Bonnie to heal him. So I guess Bonnie survives and he doesn’t. My theories:

Once Jer became an activated Vampire Hunter, he became a supernatural being, therefore the Protect-o ring doesn’t work.

Alaric’s ring started taking longer and longer to work. It’s possible that Jer’s has reached that point, too, and they just have to wait a little longer.

It’s also possible that he stopped wearing it completely due to the madness that comes with it. But I find it hard to believe he’d’ve gone into this situation without it. So they must’ve believed it would.

I won’t be able to find out until Friday, at the earliest, but the rest of you can see what happens on Thursday.

Nina Lisa

We start with a flashback to a year ago, with Shane running through the woods being pursued by someone who looks like one of the five Original hunters. By story-line, I don’t think it can be, but a lot of actors are taking “anything that pays” work these days, so it’s possible it’s one of the same actors. Shane finds what appears to be an abandoned mine-shaft.

Cut to the landing party, where he exposits that they’re 200 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia. Can you imagine their passport photos?

Elena and Becca catfight. Becca 1, Elena 0.  That’s going to keep Stefan busy this trip.  Not sure why Elena brought the Original Slaying Stake, but I’m thinking I’m not wrong in recalling that they narrowed their bloodline down to Klaus sometime last season or earlier this. I should do some more research on that some time.

Have I mentioned yet that I don’t think there really will be a cure and that all this will do is unleash this season’s Big Bad, which will somehow result in the Mikaelson’s leaving town so they can have their spin-off?

Bonnie’s getting crazy eyes, Jeremy, not lust-filled. Stay away!

Tyler could be right. But if any of the Originals get to drink the cure, they probably won’t get to be part of the spin-off. I mean, if Phoebe Tonkin has already been cast, then they’re not going back to the beginning. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s dependent on Daniel Gilles signing? Does anyone know if he already has?

Ha! I love how even Stefan smirked when Becca told Damon his purpose for being there is that he has “a nice behind.”!

Shane is now expositing about what happene when he found the mineshaft well last year.  Note: evidently witches and hunters can see in the dark as well as vampires, because he’s the only one wearing a headlamp. Although I guess Jer-Bear has a flashlight.

Jeremy is targeted by someone who looks like another one of the hunters, but Elena vamp runs him out of the way and someone else tomahawks the guy in the back.  A commercial break gives the two time to catch up with the others and fill them in, so that when Shane proposes camping out at a cabin for the night, Damon gets to snark about hunters running around in the woods. In return, Shane pushes Damon’s buttons about losing Elena when she takes the cure.  And here I can agree with one of Cindy’s points about the show: For the past two seasons, they’ve taken care to show us Elena’s growing feelings for Damon, feelings she admitted (or let her silence speak for her) to Stefan before she was turned.  Then they even gave us a “what if I met you first” story line, which, surprise! He did. Now that she’s a vampire, she remembers that, along with all the selfless stuff Damon’s done because he loves her.  Tyler even flat out told her the sire bond doesn’t affect your feelings. But Elena’s never repeated that to anyone else (nor Tyler, for that matter), and she and everyone else continue to act and talk like she’s only with Damon because of the sire bond.  If I weren’t so positive there won’t be a cure, or that something will happen to keep her from taking it, I’d trust that the writers are setting something up for us.  But right now, it’s incredibly frustrating.

So much for Klaus being a dick only for the greater good. I guess he’s going to hold Caroline’s life over Tyler’s head? OK, maybe not.

Aaand, that’s why they shouldn’t trust Shane.

Looks like the guy who took Jeremy is the guy who was chasing Shane.

I hope Bonnie’s set a magical fire that won’t burn down the forest.

OK, ladies, can we have a detente now?

I didn’t think I’d lost track of the number of massacres; the one in New Orleans doesn’t count.

I think Shane’s a masochist.

See, this is why I love Damon.  Deep down he wholly believes he’s a monster not worthy of being loved, not even by himself, so he’d rather hurt you before you hurt him.  It’s very relatable. And it’s why I don’t believe his line about not wanting to be human again.

I think that’s also part of Klaus’ make-up. I was confident he’d come through for Caroline.

And that’s how Elena wins people to her side.

So maybe Meshawk really is one of the original five hunters?  Because the close-up of the end of the tattoo over Jer-Bear’s left breast showed five swords in a star, points to center, and it reminded me of the aerial shot from when the hunters were made.  And since the new hunter just snapped Damon’s neck instead of staking him, I’m thinking we need five hunters and five vampires, although I’m only counting four of the latter. Plus two witches and Shane. Which makes 12. Guess we’ll see what happens next week.

(Since I wrote this, I’ve read a couple other blogs that made a good point: How come everyone’s talking like there’s going to be enough cure for everyone? Bonnie’s ancestor only made enough for Silas!)

Nina Lisa


So first, I have to note some irony here. I got all upset at Cindy McLennan for imposing the real world on fictional characters, and then I did it myself. My excuse is that either Kevin Williamson or one of his staff writers seems to know an awful lot about magick, and portray the basics and workings fairly accurately, so it kinda fools me, too.

Anyway, due to various circumstances, I didn’t get around to posting anything about TVD last week, so I just finished rewatching it and taking notes, so I’ll combine them with the notes I took this week in one long tirade.

Cold open of Matt racing through the woods. Based on the saturation of colors, I really hope this is someone’s bad dream. And we flash into the bar, with all the transitioning vamps, and Klaus telling Jeremy to grow his tattoo. Oh, great, Jeremy. What makes you think defying Klaus is a good idea?  Back to the woods. Jeremy, Damon, and Elena (there she is!) save Matt and he gets to the lake house. I guess they were closer to that than I thought.

Morning time. Did anyone sleep?  Here’s another problem I have: people have decided Elena has no free will left because of the sire bond. If that were true, she wouldn’t be arguing with Damon right now. She’d be a Stepford wife.

Team Stefex. Beccan? Befan? Stecca? Whatever. Ya know, Bex, if Kol is afraid of Silas, maybe you should be, too?

Why do I think Shane really does have Bonnie hypnotized, as has been theorized elsewhere?  Why did she seem to go Stepford calm when he told her she was in control? Hah. Since when does Liz care about jurisdiction?

And so Damon and Jeremy head back to the bar. This doesn’t look good. Hmm. Wonder who . . . ah, Kol. Of course.  That’s right, he befriended Jeremy back in Denver, didn’t he? And he appears to be the only one not on the “save Elena” bandwagon.

Becky and Stefan are rather ineffectual at searching for the headstone.  So, the “herbal tea” really is pot, and Becca seems to like history. Too bad they killed off Mystic Falls only history teacher.

Ha! Liz has been sheriff way too long.  Ooh, did Daddy Bennett just call his daughter weak-minded? Oh, well if she thinks Shane’s really going to tell her the truth, maybe she is weak-minded. Oh, wait, he did. Hmm. What’s his plan now?

So, Klaus wants the cure to destroy it. No surprise there, but doesn’t he want more doppelganger blood, too?

Ha, Kol’s just as good at wording as Elijah. Saw that coming. Question is, why didn’t Klaus?

Hurray, the writers’ used the phrase “couldn’t care less” properly!

Damn, Becca and Stefan have some heat. I think I’m going with Becan, because that’s like bacon, and it sizzles!

Interesting. Who’s this guy? And why didn’t Becca and Stefan think of hidden panels?  Becca, he can’t talk if you’re strangling him.

Shane really knows how to push Bonnie’s buttons, doesn’t he? No fair dragging grams into all this.

Is it just me, or doesn’t Elena realize there’s something wrong with Damon? It’s not like he’s really been this nice to Jeremy before. But I guess if he was insistent, she’d take him to the bar, but why didn’t he go there himself? Well, at least Jeremy knows there’s something wrong now. And I guess Damon does, now, too (remember Kol compelled him to forget the compulsion). And why the hell didn’t Elena just stealth-Salvatore right after him? That was stupid.

Well, it’s good of Damon to attempt to warn Jeremy, at least.

Oh, kay! This guy was definitely compelled before being vervained. And do we have a supply back in town now? If not, where’d he come from/get it from? Fourth team, huh? Good point, Stefan.

And Dark!Bonnie shows up. Interesting. Shane used the same phrases, “Bonnie, look at me.” “I am here with you. You are in complete control.” No, I think he’s in control, and those are the control words.

Heh. It keeps calling him. Good one, Beks!

Oh, Jer-Bear. You can’t beat Damon. You can shoot him in the head to give yourself time to get away, though. No real surprise that he didn’t kill him; they’re not going to kill off the main three. Not for realio-s. Daggering Originals, OTOH, is another thing all together. Why did Becca even let Kol talk? Good thing Klaus was there to rescue her.

And Damon can’t or won’t control the compulsion for love of Elena. Wonder if it would’ve been different sans blood scent? This will come back in to play later.

Ah, Stefan showed up after all. And we’re back in the Salvatore’s ubiquitous cell. And yes, you know Elena’d just let Damon right back out. Wait, what right does she have to call him out about Becky? Oooh. That’s right, Elena, take a good, long look. Stefan’s not in love with you any more.

Daddy Bennett, Bonnie’s made it this far/long without your help. What makes you think she needs it/is going to take it now?

“Not knocking’s our thing.” Heh. But really, Stefan, what makes you think Becca would trust you? Hmm. I guess he’s going to take her up on her offer. Woohoo! Team Beccan!

Meanwhile, back at the Gilbert ranch, Klaus tries to play babysitter. Elena and Jeremy are having none of it. Oh, Elena. Your plans never end well.

*     *      *

Ha! Nothing like trying to sneak out of someone’s room only to be caught by their sibling. Even stealth-Salvatoring doesn’t help in that instance. Love how Beckster just told Klaus straight up what he could do with the dagger.  Stefan’s thinking about it, though.

And it looks like they’re having a decades dance this week. Should be 80’s, unless I miss my guess. Nope. And Bonnie plays exposition fairy. Oh, come on, Bons.  Of course Caroline will notice if there’re only 89 balloons. Yeah, good luck with that, Kol. Bonnie’s been giving vampires migraines since Season 1. So Bonnie goes Dark!Bonnie on him, balloons start popping, and suddenly I’m having flashbacks to The Secret Circle.

Oho, looks like someone was able to use the Internet to order enough vervain to put in the town’s water supply! Wonder who did that? (Like we don’t already know that there’s a Red Shirt extra character just piling up the reasons to be offed soon.) And yep, Bons plays Exposition Fairy again with Daddy Dearest. BTW, at some point in the show he mentions a list of places associated with evil witchcraft, or something similar, IIRC. Anyone else notice that all those places are actually those places associated most often with voo-doo?

So, Klaus is going to baby-sit Damon? This should go well. Not.  Ooh, Stefan’s already removed Elena’s picture from his phone. Guess he is moving on. Maybe he’ll have enough balls to tell her that her plan is stupid? No, he just turns the motorcycle on to aid in covering up the conversation from Klaus. Even though Klaus is supposedly several hundred feet down in the basement away from the front door. Then again, we don’t know the exact layout. Maybe the cell is right underneath the entryway?

Somehow, I don’t think Stefan’s really agreeing to dagger Rebekah. I just don’t believe him. And now to a “truce” with Kol? Ha! Best case of stealth-Salvatoring ever! Be careful what you wish for, Elena. Kol just might give it to you. Especially since he brought the Original killing stake with him. How very obliging. Of course, I think he actually believes that she’s not wily enough (and definitely not strong enough) to get it away from him.

Ah, Klaus and Damon bonding. We’re not talking about our favorite Vampire Barbie here, are we?

Really, Daddy Bennett, not only is it too little too late, but you shouldn’t piss a witch off. Stealing cell phone and car keys? That won’t work. And Vampire Hunter Jeremy’s stronger than any ordinary human, so let’s make like a banana and split. Oh, hello Persia White. That’s who you play. Wait, isn’t she a vampire now? Jeremy can just stake her, right? Or Bonnie can give her a migraine? Of course, she has a point, everyone is always doing something to save Elena on this show. Except Kol. Finally! I was waiting for Jeremy’s vampire instincts to kick in.

“What does it matter what I want if I put everyone else in danger?” Come on, Elena. Kol’s not that stupid.  There’ve been plenty of times you’ve put others in danger, although I guess it wasn’t always what you wanted.

And Stefan and Becca are doing the 80s thing while Matt looks for the dagger. Ha! I remember those koala pins.

Whoops, bet they’re wishing they hadn’t invited Kol in now. Finally, Elena shows her stealth-Salvatore powers. Where were they last week?

For a moment there, I thought Bonnie’s mom might be interested in the cure. But as a former witch, she knows darn well that Expression is dark magic. What’s that powder she has on her hand, though?

Oops. Told you, Elena, your plans suck. Klaus is going to come riding to Kol’s rescue, and then you’ll all be dead. Except you’re one of the main three, so who’s going to rescue you? Bonnie’s out and Matt probably doesn’t have the dagger yet.  Who’s team #4? Elijah? #pullthedaggerout! (Yes, I know he’s not daggered any more, I just wanted to finally have an excuse to say that).

Ooh, Rebekah has the dagger. Uh oh. Ouch! Getting stabbed with your own house has to hurt. And back to the dance. The Breakfast Club Slide! Wonder how many pairs of boots they went through before finding a pair that didn’t slide? Well. Looks like the Bekster’s on board with daggering Kol after all. They’d better bust ass over there to save the Gilbert siblings.  Matt looks awfully relieved, doesn’t he?

Back to the Bennett’s.  Um, if Mama Bennett lost all her witchy powers, I suspect she’s not going to be able to keep Bonnie down for long. Yep!  Maybe she’ll get to the Gilbert’s on time?

OK, Kol was caught by surprise. And I guess it’s hard to think straight when someone’s attempting to wrest a cleaver away from you. Not to mention when your face is burning with vervain . . . OMG, it worked. OMFG!

(I was really surprise that Thomas Galvin’s recap didn’t say something along the lines of “Twitter explodes” at this point. But maybe they’re more spoiled than I am?)

Ah, yes, witchy migraines and sealed Gilbert living room. Nothing Bonnie hasn’t done before. So much nicer to see her doing stuff sans nose bleeds.

Hello, Stefan just put Beckster in the category of people he cares about. Excellent! He’ll be able to talk her ’round.

And denouement. Kol’s compelling of Damon has been broken. Stefan has the headstone, so I guess Rebekah took that leap of faith. OK, drawing on the new moon for a spell is nature-based witchcraft.  Ooh, yeah, bring Katherine back! I’d love to see Nina Dobrev playing the doppelgangers when both are vampires! (Because you know Elena’s going to be human again before the end of the season.)

Ooh, Damon! Payback’s are a bitch, aren’t they, Stefan?

Oh, how I ❤ this show, especially when they put a smile on my face at the end.



If you’ve read very many of my posts, you’ll know that one of my compelling reasons for starting this blog was because I have serious issues with quite a few of the TWOP editors and recappers, and most especially Cindy McLennan’s recaps of TVD. So let’s get that rant out of the way, mmmkay?

First, she has a problem with Bonnie’s accepting a pendant made out of human bone without question. Well, too fucking bad. You’re not a witch. You know jack all about the religion, the light side, the dark side, or any ritual work of any branch or coven of it. You have no goddamn clue what’s acceptable and what isn’t, nor have we been privy to Shane’s education of Bonnie, which presumably included a more complete education on the history of witchcraft rather than just how to use Expression. And, in fact, Bonnie did have a reaction. She was uncomfortable, startled, and a little grossed out. Then Shane told her it was 2000 years old, and instead of mourning the dead elephant the cute little ivory figurine came from, she dealt with it like a rational human being. Quit pushing your own damn values on the characters (more on that later. Maybe).

Second, Bonnie wasn’t too busy returning Kol’s eye flirts. She didn’t recognize him.  She hasn’t seen him in a while, she has no expectations of seeing him because he’d been daggered, and a lot of shit has gone down in Mystic Falls since then! She’d probably have had the same reaction if it was Rebekah instead.

Speaking of Rebekah, she didn’t order the kids not to run. She ordered them not to “vamprun”, what we refer to as “Stealth Salvatore”. She said nothing about running away on their own human feetsies, and they’d been previously compelled not to leave the school. When they ran, it made sense to split up because Tyler would only be able to go one direction at a time. Two fleeing prey were better than one. They’ve been in similar situations often enough that they didn’t even need to discuss it, and even if they did, then it happened between camera shots. One shot we see them choosing to run, the next shot we see them coming out of the library and splitting up. Since they weren’t right next to the door, there was plenty of time for Stefan to say, “Caroline, head to the gym. Elena and I will try to hold him off long enough for him to overcome the change.” (I’m very close to putting this next part in all caps) We didn’t need to see it happen for it to have occurred. We have watched this damn show long enough and the characters are not so stupid as for them to not be able to take action without hand holding us through the exposition. And they don’t, which is why we like it!

Whew. Hang in there, folks, I’m getting it out of my system.

Kol did not waterboard Shane. He attempted to drown him. There is a difference. Let me guess, you’re one of the people who thinks ZeroDarkThirty shouldn’t be nominated for Oscars because it accurately depicts the torture that did occur by American troops in Guantanamo?

OK, I think that’s everything. Now for the stuff I do agree with her on (to an extent). First, yeah, I think Shane has a twisted idea of what Expression is. It requires human sacrifice, and a large one. Blood magic is dark magic, I’m not arguing that. And there are rules for it; OUAT is closer to the truth when they say that magic requires a price.

Second, something the show has evidently glossed over is the fact that Tyler already told Elena the sire bond doesn’t affect your feelings for the person, yet she, and Damon, and Caroline, and everyone else continue to act like that’s the only reason she could possibly be in love with him. C’mon, I’ve been in love with him since Season 2 despite his murderous and abusive ways and I’m not sire bonded to him! (Yeah, I guess I’m a bit like Belle with Rumpy in that, but then we’re approaching another area where Cindy puts her personal values on fictional characters so I’ll shut up now).

As usual, After School Special had a dizzying, breakneak pace, and even getting Rebekah up to speed took almost no time at all. I was actually glad she compelled Elena to tell the truth about how she felt about Stefan and Damon.  First, Elena needed to admit her feelings for Damon out loud, to herself as well as to Stefan. Second, she needed to let Stefan know she’s a person, not a broken toy or project, which is exactly how he’s been acting ever since she turned, and I think that truth hurt him just as much as learning she’s fallen out of love with him and in love with Damon, even if he still (incorrectly, AFAIC [which I use to mean As Far As I’m Concerned]) blames it on the sire bond.

*edited to add this paragraph* I’m not surprised that Stefan told Rebekah he wanted his memories of Elena wiped. I don’t think he really expected her to do it (and BTW, Cindy, it’s Psych, no “e”), and I think he just really wanted to hurt Elena as much as he’d just been hurt. After all, this came from a man who’s felt his own compulsion to memorialize his Rippered victims on a secret closet wall.

As I said above, it made sense for Caroline to seperate from Stefan and Elena so she could be there for him when Tyler finally turned back, and how appropriate was it that he went straight to his mother’s memorial? Although my WSOD was stretched that there were a bunch of candles left burning in an empty school gymnasium.

I am glad that April’s been brought up to speed, but I have to wonder if she’s still wearing her bracelet or if Rebekah’s compelled her some more. It’s nice that Bonnie’s dad is finally onscreen, but we all know that non-witch (and some witch) blacks in Mystic Falls are like original series Star Trek redshirts, so if he was Liz’ seventh choice, what’s gonna happen when he goes down? And who are these other six who turned the job down due to the excessive amount of vampires in town, but are still sticking around and not doing anything about it?

As for Jeremy’s training, well, I kinda have to agree with both Klaus and  Damon. He does need to be able to protect himself, but it needs to happen sooner rather than later. Good to know he’s not above killing formerly innocent perky blondes, tho. I do have a bit of a question: though, where’s Elena? Let me ‘splain:

Klaus turns pizza girl, talks to Damon. Meanwhile, pizza girl is getting invited into the cabin and going after Matt. While Damon is heading toward the cabin, Jeremy is pulling her off of Matt and staking her, and Klaus Stealth Salvatores to a bar somewhere and forces everyone inside to drink his blood. As Damon is digging PG’s grave, Elena calls and declares her love. He tells her to come on down. Klaus, having finished killing all the bar flies, calls one of the three Musketeers and tells them to get their butts to his new vampire nest. They take off and evidently take their own sweet time getting there. Meanwhile, Elena’s on her way to the cabin and will find them aqll gone when she gets there, maybe with a note, maybe not? Got there and Damon told her to wait for him? Showed up as they were leaving and is now waiting in the car, and that’s what took them so long?

Oh, well, I still have shows to watch and blog about. Maybe now I can find a version of Top Chef that doesn’t stop abruptly ten minutes in.



That is the proper acronym. It is THE Vampire Diaries. And it returns to the CW on January 17.  Although this is must-see TV for me, I watch it online.

My disagreement with the opinions of the TWOP recapper and the various TWOP forum posters over this particular show was probably the main driving force behind this blog (with the same disagreement on Glee right behind). The forumites are especially bad, evidently unable to accept that some things must, of necessity to either the storyline or showtime constraints, happen off-screen. They also can’t seem to understand that while a week may pass in our time, a week has NOT passed in TVland. It might’ve been a few hours, it might’ve been a few months. Really, not even that much fanwanking is needed to understand this. It’s pretty basic and SOP for most shows, I might add. We started watching the show three years ago our time, but while we’re in the middle of the fourth season, not even two years have passed in show time. TVD premiered in Sept. 2009, and it was the beginning of Elena, Caroline, Matt, and Tyler’s junior year. It is now approaching the end of their senior year. Despite the fact they’re never in class, especially now that the only teacher in the whole high school is dead, I suspect they’ll graduate in May. Jeremy has two years to go, BTW.

I suspect most of my posts on this show will contain rants and “talking back” to Cindy’s recaps.  If you want to read them for yourself, go to I’ll probably also be talking back to the recappers of other shows. You have been warned.

If you want to read some seriously funny thoughts on this show, try checking out Price Peterson’s picture recaps at or Thomas Galvin’s fabulous snark (do NOT drink anything while reading, in order to save your keyboard) at

And last but by no means least, try out

Yeah, I sometimes find myself saying, “That’s NOT what happened” while reading, but overall it’s a well-written blog and you should check out what other shows she covers (I’m presuming you’re reading this because you like that sort of thing).


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