I love ballroom dancing and wish I could do it. But I’ve taken more than one class, from more than one instructor, and more than once, and I can barely manage the quick quick slow slow box step. In fact, having a cowboy push or pull me along in a two-step is about all I can handle. Club dancing, no problemo. Some line dancing (if you count the Electric Slide and the Macarena). But ballroom? Not even the Chmerkovskiy brothers’ hotness could get me on that floor.

I hear that the usual post wrap rumblings include varying the length and when of the seasons, changing up the judging panel (I hope not! Even tho I’m sure Len and Bruno are exhausted by the double duty here and in the UK), and who knows what. I hope they don’t cut it back to as short as the first season was, but I could see less contestants each season being doable. They had something like three weeks of double eliminations during the All Star season, and that was three too many. Yes, I realize that Hurricane Sandy and the election both threw monkey wrenches into the works, but that still leaves one double to worry about, and since I actually voted this past season, that made it even harder to decide who I wanted try to save. Of course, that’s probably because I like to pretend that these shows aren’t popularity contests, and actually attempt to vote on the performances each week.  But since I watch Castle immediately afterward, I don’t always remember to do so; consequently there was at least one of those I didn’t vote and was quite anxious.  By the end of the season, I have to admit I was fully rooting for Melissa and voted for her no matter how well my other favorites did, mainly because while I liked Shawn, I think Melissa was robbed their first season.  If Melissa had won back then, perhaps I might’ve voted more for Shawn this time round, as I think she did much better in the Latin dances.

Whoever the cast and pros, whatever changes there are remain to be seen, and I’m looking forward to the March 18 premiere on ABC. I’ll be watching online (and therefore not voting).