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I think that’s the first time I’ve heard Jones’ first name. Clinton.

And Mozzie goes after the other cab. This isn’t going to end well.

Sounds like Elizabeth just told Peter she told Neal to lie to him. I hope so . . . Damn. Maybe not.

Mozzie has a point. I can’t see him doing the gypsy cab thing. I’m a little surprised, but I bet he bought that medallion legally . . . yep, I knew it! Even if it is a fake name.

Yeah, really, Peter, that’s Mozzie you’re talking to.

Oh, dear, I hope Diana can talk her way out of this.

Neal’s apartment has everything, doesn’t it? I seem to recall they made a sound booth in it a couple seasons ago. Or is this someplace else in her apartment that’s left over from her heyday?

Why do I think the safe’s going to close when June hits that line? OK, it didn’t.

Yes, lucky Delmont (?) didn’t hear that transom close behind Neal.

About time Angelo paid his brother back for taking care of him.

At least Jones paid for the cigar.

And my favorite Neal and Peter finish the puzzle together yet apart again!

So what I want to know is, how old is the key? How long did Peter chase Neal for? And how long has passed in TVland since the show started? Because, if that key is more than about ten years old, shouldn’t the twin towers be part of the skyline? I seem to recall an episode this season where they talked about where they were then and Neal was still on the run. If Ellen hid the key before 9/11, would the key still match, or were they not visible from that vantage point?

Nina Lisa


Peter and Neal have a meeting. The guy that arranged for Flynn to be transported (and probably shivved) is a Senator Pratt from Maryland.  They look at his file and realize he was one of Flynn organization’s dirty cops. I’m kinda bummed that it wasn’t Agent Kramer.

I’m surprised Ellen was even allowed to store or keep anything when she went into witness protection. I thought the whole idea was to completely give up your old identity.

Peter should know Mozzie prefers to be a lone wolf. But somehow I knew they’d pair him with Jones. They have an odd camaraderie; it works for me.

Oh, I know that actor playing Senator Pratt! Guilt by casting! Ah, yes, guest credits reveal the name Titus Welliver, and he was the Man in Black on Lost.

That was a neat trick Neal pulled with the whole phone-call and coffee scenario to sneak a peek at the senator’s itinerary.

And Peter and Neal are not backing down.  Interesting how Peter felt he needed to set this up with his boss after hours.  But I knew Elizabeth would overhear everything. This isn’t going to end well, I think.

OK, that whole barbershop scene was just fun.’

OMG, the movie references in this episode are killing me. I thought the answer to the riddle was Moses, too, Jones.

Bit of a WSOD on the accident. My first thought was: OK, I know it had to happen that way for the script, but that was just stupid. My second thought was: well, that’s a good example of how talking on the phone, even hands-free, can distract you enough that your reaction time is considerably impaired.  It’s possible, too, that it all happened faster than it took to show, but IMO, Peter did absolutely nothing to avoid it. I don’t think he really had enough time to try to build up pressure in the brakes, and that doesn’t usually work with ABS, so instead of frantically pumping them, he needed to downshift, and oversteer in an effort to let the tire friction slow the car down. He also should’ve maybe tried to go up on the curb for a somewhat “softer” crash, and he definitely needed to honk as he started to enter the intersection. They showed him with his hands still at ten and two, not really trying to steer out of the way of any traffic, and pumping the brakes even after the light ahead of him turned red.  But because Diane and Neal were talking to him, he was too busy telling them what was going on to do any of that.

Elizabeth is so not taking this well. Peter’s come close to getting hurt working with Neal before. I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon, and her telling Neal to lie to Peter’s face when he’ll know Neal’s lying is going to punch a hole in that fragile trust. I wonder what the writers are planning?

It’s always nice to see James Rebhorn on this show. I’m glad Neal and Diana are running the next phase past him.

Mozzie has a son?

Wow, Reed Diamond’s popping up on everything lately, isn’t he?

Diana didn’t stall Pratt very wel. And what made him look back at the elevator? Doors not close fast enough?

I’m not surprised that the keymaster’s cleaning solution looks like a glass of cola.  Yeah, Jones is no dummy, either, Mozz.

I’m glad Neal found a way to loop Peter in.

How can a Maryland senator have that much influence over a New York division of the FBI?

Oh, good, I was just wondering where Neal was.

I love it when they do intercuts of Neal and Peter working on the same problem and almost finishing each others sentences.

I hope to have caught up on all these shows by next week.

Nina Lisa

I dunno, it just seems appropriate to me that Treat Williams is Neal Caffrey’s father. It works. And the parting? Yeah, I got a little verklempt myself. Very well written and acted. I’m very glad Neal decided he wants his dad to be part of his life.  And I liked how quickly James picked up on Peter and Elizabeth sort of unofficially adopting Neal.

So, I wonder who this dirty cop who has evidently risen even higher will turn out to be. My money’s on Agent Kramer. He was just too eager to get his hands on Neal.

Love that Elizabeth had to step in and save the day. She can really think on her feet. I’m enjoying having both Tiffani Thiessen and Sharif Atkins back on my small screen.

Last week was a busy week for me; I hope to not fall any further behind in my other shows than I already am, and perhaps I’ll be able to catch up this weekend.


White Collar

I’m a sucker for a suave man with long brown hair and blue eyes. Too bad I’m not Matt Bomer’s type (even if he wasn’t happily partnered with kids). And I like Tiffani Thiessen. Returns on USA Jan 22, but I’ll be watching online.

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