The ABCFamily website cut the video in the middle of Rebeccannie talking to Alec, so I had to read the TWOP recaplet to find out that Mads showed up to stay at the Mercers after her drunken rendezvous with Jordan, who turns out to be Rebeccannie’s son. Exactly how old it he, anyway? He looks to be the same age as the twins, if not a little older.  I thought Ted got Rebeccannie preggers in high school and it was the twins, but now I’m wondering if it was Alec and the baby was Jordan, and then Rebeccannie had the twins after the affair with Ted.  And since twins are supposed to run in families (they actually don’t:, I wonder if Jordan has an evil twin lurking somewhere.

While I’m glad Dan and Theresa are back together, I wish she hadn’t told Ethan not to give up on Sutton.  Sutton doesn’t deserve someone as great as Ethan.  And I’m not too thrilled that Emma’s managed to move on so quickly with Thayer, either. And I really want to know what Alec said to make Theresa decide to become his defense lawyer. I figure he’s known about the twins since he saw Sutton with Thayer in Los Angeles, but if that was what that wink to Emma was all about, ICK!!! (And how come Charisma Carpenter gets to be a series regular now but Adrian Pasdar doesn’t?)

I’m glad we can tell Sutton and Emma apart by the way they wear their hair. Although Alexandra Chando’s voice has often reminded me of Nina Dobrev’s, I don’t think she quite has the distinction between her twin characters that Nina does. Then again, when Nina’s playing Katherine-as-Elena, I get fooled, and on this show, not everyone knows that Emma’s playing Sutton.  Speaking of which, I’ve been tired of Sutton whining about Emma stealing her life since Day One.  It was her damn idea in the first place; Emma didn’t want any part of it! Sure, it was only supposed to be for a short while, and yes, Ethan discovered he liked being treated like a real boy instead of a dirty little secret, but she’s still the one who gave it up willingly.  And really, now that the forehead cut has healed, I don’t see why they don’t switch back.  Surely that would further Rebeccannie’s perfect family scenario? I guess if they don’t, tho, then Sutton can screw up the plans somehow and Rebeccannie will get found out.

The only problem I have with that is it will probably follow that Emma and Sutton will also be found out, and that will pretty much end the storyline right there.  I’m honestly not sure how they’re going to keep the current MO going for more than another season, if that.