I wish I’d thought to mention that I thought the five of them should just buy the hospital, since that’s who’s having to pay them and that’s why it’s in trouble. I wonder if that’s why Derek quits next week?

So, Jackson and Alex are competing to be the face of the hospital and have people following them taking pix as they do their work, mainly on a transgender girl who’s there to start surgical proceedings to transition to a man. Brian is accompanied by his girlfriend, a transgendered boy whom he met at a support group Alex recommended, and who has contacted Brian’s father without his knowledge, because she knows Brian just wants his father to love him as he is. Since it’s the first time Dad has heard of the surgery, he’s understandably freaked out and pissed off, but by the end of the episode offers up all the cash in his wallet to help with rent.

April’s non date date with paramedic Matthew is interrupted by a call, since she’s a trauma surgeon without incoming traumas, he invites her along for the ride. The closest hospital turns them away, but the 2nd one is so far away she’s convinced the kid will die enroute and enlists Jackson to do a secret procedure. The other interns, Meredith, Alex, and Derek all get pulled in, and when Cahill finds out, she and Owen start interrogating them all one by one, starting with the interns, to find out what caused it. Alex and Jackson find the waiting interns after their surgery on Brian, and burst in to both take responsibility and withdraw from consideration to be the Face of the hospital. Derek is hot on their heels, and Cahill goes off on Owen when he just lets Derek go with a bit of a scolding.

Chief Webber and Callie are growing increasingly concerned with all the stuff that’s going on as the sale to Pegasus looms ever nearer, so they take a road trip to Portland and another Pegasus hospital to see how it’s working there. First, they hit the ER with the gets-you-right-in-the-door chest pains. They’re seen extremely rapidly, which both like, although they’re disconcerted by the omnipresent Face and the fact that the doctor who sees them has to follow his procedure like a robot. Nor are they thrilled to discover he can only spend 15 minutes with them. Discharged, they fall back on another good trick: the purposeful walk with coffee. If you’ve got coffee in your hand, you just look like you belong. They wander up to a group of doctors who are conveniently standing around, and start loudly discussing if the limited time Pegasus gives them is enough to really learn a patient’s history. The gathered doctors at first quickly reassure them, but then when Richard claims they’re from the company and they want to know the dirt, they unload so much dirt on them it’s going to take two or three dump trucks to dig them out. The final straw is when the head of orthopedics recognizes Callie and asks if her job is open now, since he can’t do research any more.  They head back to Seattle, and Richard tells Callie his early retirement package is looking pretty damn good.

Callie rounds up the others, minus Christina, who is busy having sexytimes with Owen, and announces she wants to buy the hospital. Dun dun!

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